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Btan Boys Rug

Product Info:

We recently released these 4 rug samples in a giveaway and don't have plans to sell/make them at the moment, but if you'd be interested in purchasing, please sign up for restock notifications on the variant you like most!

Our classic BTAN Boys design in a fuzzy rug design. The perfect addition to your home office, safe spaces, car floors, bathroom vanity, etc.! 


  • Ultra fuzzy : 83cm / 32inches length
  • Flat tufted (the rug with more legible letters) : 83cm / 32 inches length


  • Hand wash 


  • 50/50 Cotton-Poly
  • Double-needle stitching at waistband and cuffs

All PRIVATE PARADISE CO apparel, jewelry and accessories are designed and housed in LA. 

  • Product Sustainability: This PPC Apparel item is produced by a CPSC, SGS, and FLOCERT -Certified Supplier. PPC holds a strong commitment to ethical labour and environmental practices throughout its supply chain. Thank you so much for your interest in our sustainable efforts! 

**Not Pre-shrunken** (Wash cold; shrinks about 2% in the first wash)

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